Wedding Photography

The Wedding day is often considered to be an important aspect of one’s life and in the Indian context wedding’s are always a grand affair which brings and unites two families together. It involves the lives of two individuals who get united and then begin to start a wonderful relationship with love and promises being made by each other for a great future ahead and professional wedding photographer who is meant to capture these obsessively passionate people who become one. In these moments, it would be of a great endeavour when the marriage photographers bring those moments to live for everyone to experience.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography includes a wide range of photography. The fashion industry is an extensive industry that includes the various aspects of production and designs. The majority of them make use of Photography in some or the other form. Hence it is further divided into many sub-genres based on the target client, skills and budget. Few of the types of Fashion Photography which include, High Fashion Photography, Runway Fashion Photography, Editorial Fashion Photography, LookBook Photography, Catalogue Fashion Photography, Street Fashion Photography and many more.

Candid Photography

Candid photography is a genre of photography that spontaneously captures the organic, genuine, and unposed moments of a subject. Although you may photograph the subject with or without their knowledge, you need to ensure that your camera doesn’t jolt them out of their moments. This way, you can retain the real emotions of the moment and capture their genuineness. Additionally, the success of your candid photography depends on how you look at a scene and use it to your advantage. However, the knack of choosing the decisive moment grows with practice, and this experience elevates your level of expertise to a professional photographer.

Baby Photography

Newborn photography captures beautiful, timeless newborn portraits to remember your baby’s first days of life! For newborn photoshoots, we have baby outfits and props needed for the photo shoot to make your vision come to life. You may bring your own outfits in addition to the many props and outfits we have at the studio. The optimal time to shoot newborn portraits is at 7 to 21 days old, but there is plenty of flexibility to get stunning photos of your new baby. Patience is key when it comes to Newborn Photoshoots and we understand breaks for feeding, diaper changes, and crying baby consoling are necessary in order to capture the perfect photos. 

Maternity Photography

Chronicle the incredible journey your body is going through as your baby grows with a maternity portrait session. Pregnancy may feel like it’s eternal at times, but actually it’s a fleeting moment in our journey to parenthood. You may not feel radiant coming into your session, but I hope to show you how beautiful you are. Give your child the gift of seeing how much he or she was loved even before birth with tender but powerful maternity portraits.

Models Photography

Get a professional model portfolio to kick-start your career. Modelling agencies will need to see what you are capable of and that means you need a fantastic portfolio of images of yourself with different outfits and different looks. When planning your model photoshoot, consider what sort of looks you need and then discuss your ideas with me. After going through some modelling ideas together I’ll produce a beautiful portfolio of images for you. Modelling agencies will also need to see a few very plain images of you, a blank canvas as it were, so they can see more clearly if you will be a suitable model to have on their books.

Events Photography

Event photography is the professional art of snapping high-quality images during a wide variety of important occasions, from personal events like weddings or birthday parties to large public gatherings like corporate events, galas, award ceremonies and music festivals. Wedding photography is often thought of as its own separate genre, but a wedding photographer’s skills can be applied to other types of event photography. Typically, the goal for any event shoot is to compile a variety of posed and candid photographs of both people and scenery.


Wedding cinematography is the natural extension of wedding photography. In the good old days, a typical wedding video was documented step by step with every single swaha, every single event and every single ritual getting recorded. While that was fine ten years back, today you want your story being told in a short and creative way. That’s where modern wedding cinematography comes to the fore!

Cinematic Candid

Candid photography to the creative way of clicking pictures where emotions, expressions, decorations apps and celebration is given much relevance Events are captured keeping the aesthetics in mind. The photographs can be altered and fabricated to enhance the beauty. Enhancing a photograph does not mean making it unreal but focusing on the prominence and relevance of the subject. You are given the liberty of selecting the pictures you want to be edited.


Your wedding is the most important day in the lives of most people, such a day deserves to be saved in the lenses of the best wedding videographers. We are best known to take Videography in Anantapur. We also bring forth an ability to collaborate and proximately involve with every client and become a part of the success story.